High nutritional value of hempseeds: Functional food

Hempseeds have a high nutritional value,and can be consumed entire, peeled, or in the form of their derived products: oil and protean flour.

The nutritional value of hempseeds has calledthe attention of the scientific community. Many studies consider it functional food because apart from their nutritional value, they have components that are biologically active and contribute with some additional beneficial effect to our health and reduce the risk of getting certain illnesses.

Hempseeds are composed approximately by 30% oil, 30% protein, 30% fiber, 5% water, and 5% ash (inorganic mineral matter) (Figure 1). This proportion varies among the different varieties of hemp.

Figure 1. Nutritional composition of hempseeds

Hempseeds also has a high quantity of polyphenols. They are i mainly rich in hydroxycinnamic acid, and lignanamides. Both components have acclaimed antioxidant capacity.