LignoCellulosic Fiber 100% Hemp

Our lignocellulosic fibers are a highly technical and versatile material that is gaining popularity for multiple applications and in different industrial sectors, both for the mechanical benefits they provide to the final products and for their sustainable nature.



Green & Growth offers different particle sizes for its lignocellulosic fibers, in micrometer and millimeter scale.

Years of research have led us to perfect our raw material and its processing method, differentiating us from other natural fibers in the market:

100% industrial hemp fibers, which guarantees a homogeneous and reproducible behavior of the material, open to any specific post-treatment of each final product to which it will be directed.

Fibers from industrial hemp varieties selected for their suitable molecular composition (cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, etc.).

Green & Growth has designed a process capable of maintaining the structure of lignocellulosic fibers intact at the molecular level.

This process does not employ any thermochemical process involving the use of water or organic or inorganic solvents, but is exclusively a mechanical process.

The molecular arrangement of cellulose microfibrils in hemp is unique in the plant world, and is intrinsically related to its unique strength and elasticity properties.

Cellulose has the natural function of being the structural polymer of all plants. The amount of cellulose and its arrangement at the molecular level varies among species.

The innovative processing designed by Green & Growth respects the molecular integrity of the plant, preserving its natural mechanical properties and allowing them to be transferred to the final product.

Some of the molecules present in the plant have the natural function of holding cellulose microfibrils together. Therefore, maintaining their molecular integrity reduces the use of additives to bind the different compounds in the final product.